Animation An international team of researchers has demonstrated an innovative technique for increasing the intensity of lasers. In a paper that made the cover of the journal Applied Physics Letters, an international team of researchers has demonstrated an innovative technique for increasing the intensity of lasers. This approach, based on the […]

Ultracold atoms caught in an optical trap form suprisingly complex structures. Dependently on mutual interactions between particles with opposite spins, phases with various properties can be created locally. Credit: IFJ PAN Ultracold atoms trapped in appropriately prepared optical traps can arrange themselves in surprisingly complex, hitherto unobserved structures, according to […]

New soliton laser pulses deliver high energy in a trillionth of a second. By revisiting a simple type of laser, scientists have discovered a way to exponentially increase the amount of energy released in incredibly short periods of time, with potential applications in surgery. Scientists have developed a new type […]

A phase-locking scheme for plasmonic lasers is developed in which traveling surface-waves longitudinally couple several metallic microcavities in a surface-emitting laser array. Multi-watt emission is demonstrated for single-mode terahertz lasers in which more photons are radiated from the laser array than those absorbed within the array as optical losses. Credit: […]

Animation Scientists create smallest semiconductor laser that works in visible range at room temperature. An international team of researchers led by researchers from ITMO University announced the development of the world’s most compact semiconductor laser that works in the visible range at room temperature. According to the authors of the […]

An artistic impression of the metasurface laser to produce super-chiral twisted light with OAM up to 100. Credit: Wits University Laser opens up a new world of applications using optical control of physical objects. Researchers have demonstrated the world’s first metasurface laser that produces “super-chiral light”: light with ultra-high angular […]

Researchers investigating a new method for generating nuclear fusion power showed that the relativistic effect of ultra-intense laser light improves upon current “fast ignition” methods in laser-fusion research to heat the fuel long enough to generate electrical power. Utilizing relativistic effects of intense laser light in plasma, researchers at Osaka University […]

A new shoebox-sized laser produces terahertz waves (green squiggles) by using a special infrared laser (red) to rotate molecules of nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, packed in a pen-sized cavity (grey). Credit: Chad Scales, US Army Futures Command Researchers generate terahertz laser with laughing gas: Device may enable “T-ray vision” […]