An artist’s impression of two black holes about to collide and merge. Study offers evidence, based on gravitational waves, to show that the total area of a black hole’s event horizon can never decrease. There are certain rules that even the most extreme objects in the universe must obey. A […]

An artistic image inspired by a black hole-neutron star merger event. Credit: Carl Knox, OzGrav/Swinburne Mix pair is “elusive missing piece of the family picture of compact object mergers.” A long time ago, in two galaxies about 900 million light-years away, two black holes each gobbled up their neutron star […]

MIT scientists have cooled a 10-kilogram object to a near standstill, using LIGO’s precise measurements of its 40-kilogram mirrors. Shown here are LIGO optics technicians examining one of LIGO’s mirrors. Credit: Caltech/MIT/LIGO Lab The results open possibilities for studying gravity’s effects on relatively large objects in quantum states. To the […]

This illustration generated by a computer model shows multiple black holes found within the heart of a dense globular star cluster. Credit: Aaron M. Geller, Northwestern University/CIERA New analysis of gravitational-wave data leads to wealth of discoveries. An international research collaboration including Northwestern Universityastronomers has produced the most detailed family portrait […]

Artist’s impression of two black holes about to collide. Credit: Mark Myers, ARC Centre of Excellence for Gravitational Wave Discovery (OzGrav) Over the past five years, astronomy has been revolutionized as scientists have used ripples in the fabric of spacetime, called gravitational waves, to reveal the secrets of the previously hidden […]

Illustrated here is the range of Advanced LIGO and its capability of detecting merging black holes. Credit: LIGO Collaboration / Amber Stuver / Richard Powell / Atlas of the Universe   ENLARGE The Advanced Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (Advanced LIGO) detectors and the Virgo detector have directly observed transient gravitational waves (GWs) from compact […]