Ancient kauri tree log from Ngawha, New Zealand. Credit: Nelson Parker Radiocarbon measurements on the remains of 42,000-year-old New Zealand kauri trees provide the basis for better calibration of geological archives of this period. The last complete reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field, the so-called Laschamps event, took place 42,000 […]

Parkes UWL observations of Swift J1818.0−1607. Credit: Lower et al., 2020.   ENLARGE Using the Parkes radio telescope, astronomers have investigated a radio-loud magnetar known as Swift J1818.0−1607. Results of these observations, providing more insights into the properties of this magnetar, unveiling its highly active and dynamic magnetosphere. The findings are […]

The Earth and Moon, shown here in a composite of two images from the Galileo mission of the 1990s, have a long shared history. Billions of years ago, they had connected magnetic fields. Credit: NASA/JPL/USGS Earth and Moon Once Shared a Magnetic Shield, Protecting Their Atmospheres Four-and-a-half billion years ago, […]

This composite image shows a SOHO image of the Sun and an artist’s impression of Earth’s magnetosphere. Power grid failures, massive blackouts, widespread damage to the satellites that enable GPS and telecommunication — space plasma phenomena like coronal mass ejections cause geomagnetic storms that interact with Earth’s atmosphere, wreaking havoc […]

MMS look for explosive reconnection events as it flies through the magnetopause — the boundary region where Earth’s magnetic butts up against the solar wind that flows throughout the solar system. Credit: NASA Goddard/Mary Pat Hrybyk-Keith; NASA Goddard’s Conceptual Image Lab/Josh Masters/Joy Ng  ANIMATION An alert pops up in your […]

A computer simulation of the Earth’s magnetic field, which is generated by heat transfer in the Earth’s core. Credit: NASA/ Gary A.Glatzmaier By creating conditions akin to the center of the Earth inside a laboratory chamber, researchers have improved the estimate of the age of our planet’s solid inner core, […]

Physicists Explain Why Changes to Earth’s Magnetic Field Are Weaker Over the Pacific A new study by University of Alberta physicists provides an explanation for why changes to Earth’s magnetic field over time are weaker over the Pacific region—a mystery scientists have been trying to solve for nearly a century. […]