Lionfish on a mesophotic reef off Florida. Photo credit: Mike Echevarria, Florida Aquarium via NOAA In the last few decades, scientists have come to appreciate the incredible creatures living on the reefs that lie just below conventional diving limits in what is called the mesophotic zone. These incredible biodiversity hotspots are […]


Acropora corals are one of the major reef builders in Indo-Pacific reefs. Credit: Dr Christopher Doropoulos For reefs facing huge challenges, more coral larvae doesn’t necessarily translate to increased rates of coral recovery on degraded reefs, a new Queensland study has showed. The study, published today, was led by former […]


Long-spined urchin in Panama. Credit: Scripps Oceanography/UC San Diego A new study suggests that an aggressive reef competitor—the Threespot Damselfish—may have impeded the recovery of Caribbean long-spined sea urchin populations after a mysterious disease outbreak caused a massive die-off of these animals over three decades ago. The research led by […]


Geographical location of marine and coastal CES assessments. Credit: Rodrigues et al. 2017 Enlarge A detailed scientific literature review published in the open access journal One Ecosystem confirmed that research on marine and coastal cultural ecosystem services is scarce compared to other ecosystem service categories, revealing curious insights and identifying […]


Credit: University of Plymouth Enlarge Remote island nations in the Pacific and Indian Oceans have for many years been considered extremely vulnerable to the effects of climate change and, in particular, rising sea levels. Many have gone so far to predict they could even be completely submerged within the next […]


Rockfish, anemones and other invertebrates inhabit this deep-sea coral reef in Cordell Bank A study authored by University of Delaware Professor Art Trembanis and colleagues reveals new details about deep sea reefs—known as mesophotic reefs—near the island of Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean. While coral reefs worldwide are in decline, […]