They’re literally called gloomy octopuses. Peter Godfrey-Smith You wouldn’t think that the so-called gloomy octopus would be the stand-out socializer in its genus. Octopuses are notoriously bad at getting along with each other, and in almost all cases seem to live out their lives in isolation. They might fight for resources, and […]

There is substantial variability in temperature tolerance among and within coral species. Typically, boulder-like corals survive higher temperatures, while branching corals perish under moderate heat stress. Scientists are striving to understand and harness the molecular mechanisms that underpin this variability. Central GBR, March 2017. Credit: G. Torda A group of […]

The spiny chromis damselfish, Acanthochromis polychantus, in its natural environment. Credit: Mark McCormick Just as when a camera lens comes into focus, the latest research published today sharpens understanding of the implications of ocean acidification on reef fish behaviour, yielding promising results for their current and near-future survival. Chemical changes in […]

And climate change is to blame. Oh no! Depositphotos Seafood lovers be warned. That delectable slab of seared tuna on your plate soon could become a lot smaller — and more scarce — thanks to climate change. As ocean temperatures climb, many species of fish — tuna among them — likely will shrink, decreasing in size by as much 30 percent, according […]