Picture was taken in September 2016 along the shallow (2-3 m depth) fore-reef slope habitat around Kandahalagala showing the extent of coral bleaching-driven coral mortality that has preferentially impacted Acropora sp. Credit: University of Exeter Warming seawaters, caused by climate change and extreme climatic events, threaten the stability of tropical […]


Fishes and invertebrates live alongside seagrass meadows in Indonesia. Credit: Margaux Hein Seagrass meadows – bountiful underwater gardens that nestle close to shore and are the most common coastal ecosystem on Earth – can reduce bacterial exposure for corals, other sea creatures and humans, according to new research published in […]


An underwater scene at National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa. Credit: Image courtesy of Greg McFall/NOAA. There is a species of coral—called bubblegum coral for its pinkish appearance—that has provided a peak into ancient migration paths for marine species as far back as 10 million years. That discovery—and others like […]


Credit: Katie Flowers The discovery of a new shark species in Belize waters comes as a reminder of the need to protect the waters around the Central American country, home to the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve system, the longest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere. The Belize Fisheries Department and […]


Retrieval of cores from the seafloor with the submersible Jago. Below the black layer that is visible close to the sediment surface the sediment is free of oxygen. Credit: Jago-Team, Geomar Kiel Periodic oscillations of bottom-water oxygen concentrations can alter benthic communities and carbon storage for decades, reveals a new […]


The cockeyed squid Histioteuthis heteropsis, also known as the ‘strawberry’ squid for its pink color and smattering of seed-like photophores, has evolved a mismatched set of eyes: one large eye for seeing the shadows of fellow sea creatures above, and a second small eye for spotting bioluminescent flashes below. Credit: […]