Global survey reveals sharks are functionally extinct on many of the world’s reefs, but hope lies in key conservation measures. Though many people find them intimidating, menacing or just plain scary, sharks are vital to the health of the world’s oceans. These often misunderstood creatures are found in just about […]

Climate change is changing already extreme nursery environments for baby blacktip reef sharks. Credit: Tom Vierus, Scientists can now explain how baby reef sharks tolerate living in the sometimes-extreme environments of their nurseries — but, they also say these habitats face an uncertain future which may leave newborn sharks […]

A bleached coral in Hawaii. Without rapid intervention, coral reefs will continue to degrade, resulting in what may be the first human-caused loss of an entire biome. Credit: Greg Asner Global average sea surface temperatures have risen at unprecedented rates for the past three decades, with far-reaching consequences for coral […]

Dimitris Siskopoulos/Wiki commonc, CC BY-SA Let’s turn back the hands of time. Before extinction knocked dinosaurs off their pillar, before the “Great Dying” extinction wiped out 95% of all organisms – we had the Paleozoic Era. During this age in Earth’s history, between 541 million and 252 million years ago, arthropods […]

Scuba divers could send sea life shots in real time using an aquatic internet service. Credit: © 2020 KAUST; Xavier Pita Aquatic internet that sends data through light beams could enable divers to instantly transmit footage from under the sea to the surface. The internet is an indispensable communication tool, […]

Rising sea temperatures make corals expel tiny algae which live inside them AFP Scientists in Australia say they have found a way to help coral reefs fight the devastating effects of bleaching by making them more heat-resistant. Rising sea temperatures make corals expel tiny algae which live inside them. This […]

Noctiluca blooms in the Arabian Sea, as seen from space. Credit: Norman Kuring/NASA Climate-driven shifts disrupt fisheries, desalination plants; problems may hit other regions. A uniquely resilient organism all but unheard of in the Arabian Sea 20 years ago has been proliferating and spreading at an alarming pace, forming thick, […]