Emily Osborne, a marine scientist with NOAA’s Ocean Acidification Program, examines a sediment sample taken from the Santa Barbara Basin off California which contains recently deposited microscopic foraminifera shells. Credit: NOAA In first-of-its-kind research, NOAA scientists and academic partners used 100 years of microscopic shells to show that the coastal […]

Damselfishes on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, including species used by the researchers in their study. Credit: Simon Gingins Double-Checking the Science on the Effects of Ocean Acidification Sometimes it helps to check the facts. You may be surprised by what you find. Over the last decade, several high-profile […]

The chanchita, Cichlasoma dimerus, is a subtropical species native to southern South America. For at least 20 years, it has also made its home in Central Florida waters, where it was misidentified as a similar-looking invasive fish, the black acara. Credit: Ryan Crutchfield/FishMap.org Sometimes scientists make mistakes. Case in point […]

The red brittle star, Ophiocoma wendtii. Credit: Lauren Sumner-Rooney Scientists have shown for the first time that brittle stars use vision to guide them through vibrant coral reefs, thanks to a neat color-changing trick. The international team, led by researchers at Oxford University Museum of Natural History, described a new […]