Crystal structure of thorium decahydride, ThH10. Credit: Dmitry Semenok et al./Materials Today A group of scientists led by Artem Oganov of Skoltech and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, and Ivan Troyan of the Institute of Crystallography of RAS has succeeded in synthesizing thorium decahydride (ThH10), a new superconducting […]

This schematic illustration of the new palladium-containing high entropy alloy shows how new alloy contains large palladium clusters (blue atoms). Credit: Georgia Institute of Technology High-entropy alloys, which are made from nearly equal parts of several primary metals, could hold great potential for creating materials with superior mechanical properties. But […]

Existing blanket technology can protect an isolated building from a short wildfire attack, but technological advancements are needed for severe situations. Wrapping a building in a fire-protective blanket is a viable way of protecting it against wildfires, finds the first study to scientifically assess this method of defense. By rigorously […]

Inside a grain of silver, copper atom impurities (in green) have been selectively segregated to a grain boundary (on the left) and into internal defects (long strings, streaming downward.) This snapshot, from an atomistic computer simulation, is part of a recent study showing how impurities can be used to create […]

Nature has evolved a dazzling array of materials that help organisms thrive in diverse habitats. Sometimes, scientists can exploit these designs to develop useful materials with similar or completely new functions. Now, researchers reporting in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces have made a durable and flexible super-water-repelling material inspired by spiky porcupinefish […]

Materials scientist Jeffrey Catchmark displays blocks of a wound-healing biofoam developed by him and Dr. Scott Armen of Penn State College of Medicine. Image: Patrick Mansell The search for a styrofoam replacement leads to biomaterials with broader impact. Every scientific discovery has one thing in common: It started with a […]