A high-power microscopic image of the skeleton from Turbinaria peltata shows a pattern of both ion-attachment (in blue) and nanoparticle attachment (in green) of new minerals to the skeleton, indicating that both systems are used to build coral skeletons. Credit: Courtesy of Pupa Gilbert Coral reefs are vibrant communities that […]

Krebs cycle metabolites fall in energy-rich carbon feedstock. Credit: Issey Takahashi Scientists from Nagoya University have achieved a breakthrough in converting energy-deficient metabolites to a biorenewable resource thanks to a versatile catalyst. The imminent environmental crisis calls for an urgent transition to a green economy. A team of scientists at […]

3D model of the active center of the catalyst Titanium Silicalite -1 with the titanium pair (light grey). Credit: ETH Zürich Activity of the industrial catalyst TS-1 relies on titanium pairs/Important discovery for catalyst development. ‘Titanium silicalite-1’ (TS-1) is not a new catalyst: It has been almost 40 years since […]

An artist’s impression showing the incorporation of single photon emitters during hBN growth. Credit: Trong Toan Tran Study helps unlock chemical structure in defects that emit single photons. Systems which can emit a stream of single photons, referred to as quantum light sources, are critical hardware components for emerging technologies […]

Combining distinctive properties of two-dimensional materials inspires research to reveal a new frontrunner. Evolutionary search has helped scientists predict the lowest energy structure of a two-dimensional (2D) material, B2P6, with some remarkable features, including structural anisotropy and Janus geometry. Janus materials—named after the two-faced Greek god of duality—have two surfaces […]

In a very unusual way, the electrical and magnetic properties of a particular crystal are linked together — the phenomenon was discovered and explained at TU Wien (Vienna). Electricity and magnetism are closely related: Power lines generate a magnetic field, rotating magnets in a generator produce electricity. However, the phenomenon […]

Scientists have developed a method to 3D print structures using local soil. Credit: Aayushi Bajpayee The construction industry is currently facing two major challenges: the demand for sustainable infrastructure and the need to repair deteriorating buildings, bridges, and roads. While concrete is the material of choice for many construction projects, […]

For the JHU team’s experiment, increased force (arrow pointing down) applied on the material led to more electrical charges, and thus, more mineralization. Credit: Pam Li/Johns Hopkins University Inspired by how human bone and colorful coral reefs adjust mineral deposits in response to their surrounding environments, Johns Hopkins researchers have […]