Complex interlocking components mean no tools are needed. Credit: © Larsson et al. An interactive system to design and fabricate structurally sound wood joints. Wood is considered an attractive construction material for both aesthetic and environmental purposes. Construction of useful wood objects requires complicated structures and ways to connect components […]

The bottom layer of the Janus emitter absorbs the heat inside the vehicle and emits it through the top layer to the atmosphere (indicated in blue), causing a temperature drop. The right image shows an experimental model that simulates a vehicle. Credit: Young Min Song/GIST Scientists engineer the first passive […]

SLAC scientists have invented a copper accelerator structure that could make future X-ray lasers and accelerators for radiation therapy more compact. It feeds terahertz radiation into a tiny cavity to boost particles to tremendous energies. This image shows one half of the structure with the cavity in the circled area. […]

Mechanical engineering researchers gain biological insights that could enhance robotics. By examining how fruit flies use eye movements to enhance flight control with a staggeringly fast reaction speed — about 30 times faster than the blink of an eye — Penn State researchers have detailed a framework to mimic this […]

MIT researchers have developed a simple, low-cost technology to administer powerful drug formulations that are too viscous to be injected using conventional syringes and needles. Credit: Images courtesy of the researchers and edited by Jose-Luis Olivares, MIT. Researchers have designed a simple, low-cost device for subcutaneous injection of viscous formulations. […]

The 3D printer developed at TU Graz melts metal powder using high-performance LED light sources and then processes it into components in additive manufacturing. Credit: © TU Graz LED instead of laser or electron beam. Selective LED-based melting (SLEDM) — i.e. the targeted melting of metal powder using high-power LED […]

Constructing a small-scale circuit to further examine and explore the possibility. Credit: Tokyo University of Science The basic units of a quantum computer can be rearranged in 2D to solve typical design and operation challenges. Quantum computing is increasingly becoming the focus of scientists in fields such as physics and […]

Fluids that heat or cool surfaces make a transition from a smooth flow to a mixing, turbulent flow. A new MIT analysis shows the importance of the transition region to heat flow and temperature control. Credit: Courtesy of the researchers, edited by MIT News Understanding How Fluids Heat or Cool […]

With wall thicknesses of about 160 nanometers, a closed-cell, plate-based nanolattice structure designed by researchers at UCI and other institutions is the first experimental verification that such arrangements reach the theorized limits of strength and stiffness in porous materials. Credit: Cameron Crook and Jens Bauer / UCI Researchers at the […]