This is a scanning electron microscope image of the microalgal colonies in the hybrid living biopolymers. Credit: University of Cambridge Researchers from Cambridge University and the University of California San Diego have 3D printed coral-inspired structures that are capable of growing dense populations of microscopic algae. Their results, reported April […]

Scientists Identify Microbe That Could Help Degrade Polyurethane-Based Plastics A strain of an extremophile group of bacteria is capable of ingesting toxic organic compounds as its sole source of carbon, nitrogen, and energy. There may be a small answer to one of the biggest problems on the planet. German researchers […]

How ancient microbes created massive ore deposits, set the stage for early life on Earth. New research in Science Advances is uncovering the vital role that Precambrian-eon microbes may have played in two of the early Earth’s biggest mysteries. University of British Columbia (UBC) researchers, and collaborators from the universities […]

Hyperacid, hypersaline and hot ponds in the geothermal field of Dallol (Ethiopia). Despite the presence of liquid water, this multi-extreme system does not allow the development of life, according to a new study. The yellow-greenish color is due to the presence of reduced iron. Credit: Puri López-García Living beings, especially […]