A satellite shot of the Panguna mine GETTY IMAGES Mining giant Rio Tinto is facing accusations that a mine it abandoned in Papua New Guinea two decades ago is leaking poisonous waste into rivers. More than 150 people living in Bougainville have filed a complaint with the Australian authorities. They […]

Context map of Chang’e-4 landing site showing ejecta from Finsen and Alder craters. Credit: AIR China’s Chang’e-4 probe achieved the first soft landing within the South Pole-Aitken (SPA) basin, which is the oldest, largest and deepest basin on the lunar farside. Technologies and software have been used in the Chang’e-4 […]

Decades of mining in southern West Virginia have filled streams with chemical contaminants. A study finds that spiders eating their normal diet of stream insects ingest the contaminants at levels that could be toxic to other animals up the food chain. Credit: Duke University Since the 1980s, a sprawling mountaintop […]

Satellite images used in the study show deforestation and elevated suspended sediment (orange/brown water) due to gold mining operations in the Rio Inambari and Rio Colorado watersheds in Peru. Credit: Images are from NASA LandSat. Figure compiled by Evan N. Dethier. A Dartmouth study finds that artisanal-scale gold mining is […]

Australia’s major mining companies are significant contributors to global emissions. Global Warming Images. Credit: University of New South Wales There are many reasons for Australia’s absence from the podium of the the United Nations Climate Action Summit this week. No doubt it would send a poor message if emission reduction […]