This composite image shows a SOHO image of the Sun and an artist’s impression of Earth’s magnetosphere. Power grid failures, massive blackouts, widespread damage to the satellites that enable GPS and telecommunication — space plasma phenomena like coronal mass ejections cause geomagnetic storms that interact with Earth’s atmosphere, wreaking havoc […]

This artist’s rendering shows the NASA’s Perseverance rover in action exploring the Jezero Crater on Mars. With MIT’s help, Perseverance will dig deeper into questions about life on the Red Planet than ever before. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech Led by MIT researchers, one of the experiments aboard the next mission to the Red Planet […]

A machine-learning technique developed at MIT combs through global ocean data to find commonalities between marine locations, based on interactions between phytoplankton species. Using this approach, researchers have determined that the ocean can be split into over 100 types of “provinces,” and 12 “megaprovinces,” that are distinct in their ecological […]