Sandia National Laboratories has begun multiyear missions to strengthen U.S. electrical utilities and to defend U.S. nuclear weapon systems from evolving technological threats. Credit: Randy Montoya, Sandia National Laboratories To deter attempts to disable U.S. electrical utilities and to defend U.S. nuclear weapon systems from evolving technological threats, Sandia National […]

Average changes in maize yield in the five years following a nuclear war between Pakistan and India. Credit: Adapted from Jägermeyr et al., 2020 Soot from firestorms would reduce crop production for years. The concept of nuclear winter — a years-long planetary freeze brought on by airborne soot generated by […]

Researchers investigating a new method for generating nuclear fusion power showed that the relativistic effect of ultra-intense laser light improves upon current “fast ignition” methods in laser-fusion research to heat the fuel long enough to generate electrical power. Utilizing relativistic effects of intense laser light in plasma, researchers at Osaka University […]

A small-scale device, seen here, was used in the lab to demonstrate the effectiveness of the new shockwave-based system for removing radioactive contaminants from the cooling water in nuclear powerplants. Credit: Image courtesy of the researchers Method concentrates radionuclides in a small portion of a nuclear plant’s wastewater, allowing the […]

Estuaries, where rivers pour freshwater into the ocean, could become giant power plants with the help of a newly made membrane. LWM/NASA/LANDSAT/ALAMY STOCK PHOTO BOSTON—Green energy advocates may soon be turning blue. A new membrane could unlock the potential of “blue energy,” which uses chemical differences between fresh- and saltwater […]

Satellites such as Sentinel-1 and ALOS-2 carry advanced synthetic aperture radars that can provide data to map changing land cover, ground deformation, ice shelves, and glaciers, and can be used to help emergency response when disasters such as floods strike, and to support humanitarian relief efforts at times of crisis. […]

Nuclear power plants contain miles of pipes of different sizes. Shown is the turbine floor with new reheaters and secondary side piping at Unit 2, Watts Bar Nuclear Power Plant, 2012. Credit: Tennessee Valley Authority A failing pipe can be tough to spot. It may cause a puddle, produce another […]