EVA HAMBACH/AFP/GETTY IMAGES CALIFORNIA’S MONTEREY BAY is one of the more pure, more dynamic coastal ecosystems on Earth. Otters—once hunted nearly to extinction—float among towering kelp forests, which themselves have rebounded thanks to the booming otter population’s appetite for kelp-loving sea urchins. Great whites visit from time to time, as do […]

The Antarctic Circumpolar Current (roughly defined by black lines) moves clockwise around the frozen continent. Brightest colors are areas of highest flow. Red dots are planned drill sites. Credit: Adapted from map by European Copernicus Marine Services The Antarctic Circumpolar Current is the planet’s most powerful and arguably most important. […]

Akademik Tryoshnikov, the research vessel that carried the team of Russian climate scientists on their fourth expedition in the Arctic Ocean in 2015. Credit: Mikhail Varentsov Following four expeditions in the Arctic Ocean and satellite data analysis, a team of Russian climate scientists featuring MIPT researchers described the ocean’s “seasonal […]