The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, shown here, serves as a conveyor belt that transports heat and pulls carbon from the atmosphere into the deep ocean. (Credit: R. Curry, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution/Science/USGCR) Massive volumes of water circulate throughout the Atlantic Ocean and serve as the central drivers of Earth’s climate. […]

Scientists on the ocean drilling expedition will explore the remote Amundsen Sea off Antarctica. Credit: NASA The West Antarctic Ice Sheet in the Amundsen Sea off Antarctica could play a pivotal role in future sea level rise, but many questions remain unanswered, scientists say. Now, researchers taking part in an […]

The submersible Alvin about 8,500 feet down, studying seafloor volcanoes and eruptions. Credit: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institutio, Daniel Fornari – WHOI-MISO Facility ( and National Science Foundation Staring up into the night sky as a kid and wondering what was out there started my journey to a career that involves […]