Epizoanthus martinsae lives on black corals at depths of almost 400m ATLAS Almost five years of studying the deep Atlantic in unprecedented detail has revealed 12 species new to science. The sea mosses, molluscs and corals had eluded discovery because the sea floor is so unexplored, scientists say. Researchers warn […]

The metal tube is being deployed from the vessel to penetrate the bottom of the sea and bring sediment samples. Credit: Bruno Todeschini Gas hydrate is an ice-like substance formed by water and methane at depths of several hundred meters at the bottom of our oceans at high pressure and […]

The coral reefs of Bikini Atoll can be mapped by a NASA satellite’s green laser, which penetrates up to 40 meters underwater. THE ASAHI SHIMBUN/GETTY IMAGES Late in 2018, just after its arrival in orbit, NASA’s ICESat-2 satellite passed over an iconic site from the atomic age. By chance, its […]

Engineers from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and ship’s crew on the R/V Rachel Carson prepare to launch the Mesobot into Monterey Bay. MBARI’s “SmartClump” is in the background, awaiting deployment. Credit: Erik Olsen/WHOI In late June researchers from MBARI joined engineers from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) to test a […]