On its current expedition, the drillship JOIDES Resolution is working off the coast of New Zealand. A mission to study New Zealand’s largest fault by lowering two sub-seafloor observatories into the Hikurangi subduction zone is underway this week. The expedition is led by scientists from The Pennsylvania State University (PennState) and GNS […]

ONC’s deep-sea crawler Wally is remotely controlled by a research team in Germany. Credit: University of Victoria Unprecedented high-resolution data from undersea canyons off Vancouver Island’s west coast is bringing new understanding of the importance of these canyons as rapid-transit corridors for carrying carbon from the ocean surface to the […]

Bathymetry of the Yellow Sea and East China Sea, indicated with shaded colors and contours with numbers, the schematic of the Kuroshio pathway, and the location of the PN section. Credit: Science China Press The world’s oceans are warming, and the marginal seas exhibit more notable warming than the open […]

Density vs. pressure for CO2 at subcritical and supercritical conditions. Credit: Energy Procedia (2017). DOI: 10.1016/j.egypro.2017.03.1686 (Phys.org)—New Zealand energy analyst Steve Goldthorpe has published a paper in the journal Energy Procedia suggesting that carbon dioxide pulled from the atmosphere (or scrubbed from coal plant smoke stacks) could be stored permanently in deep ocean trenches. […]