Exoplanet ocean currents may follow a pattern that scientists can use to track down life outside of our solar system. In search for alien life, planets exactly like Earth may not be best places to look, study finds. Researchers across the globe have long tackled the question: Is there life […]

The 75-station pattern is typical for summer and fall cruises by CalCOFI, which has collected data on marine life and ocean conditions off the California coast. The original 1950s sampling plan was similar but covered a larger area, from the northern tip of California to the southern tip of the […]

Scientists boarding the D/V JOIDES Resolution off New Jersey in 1993. The sea level in an ice-free world would be 66 meters (216.5 feet) higher than now — shoulder-high to the Statue of Liberty. Credit: Kenneth G. Miller, James V. Browning, and Gregory S. Mountain. Surprising glacial and nearly ice-free […]

In the lower left corner of this photograph, researchers prepare a submersible device. “Together with our collaborators in the Maldives, we are designing, testing, building, and deploying submersible devices that, based simply on their geometry in relationship to the ocean waves and currents, promote sand accumulation in specific areas,” says […]

The sea level in the Bering Strait at the Last Glacial Maximum (20,000 years ago) versus today. Note the intricate archipelago that was present in the past but not today. Its islands (outlined in red) might have served as stepping stones for the first settlers crossing from Asia to North […]

Noctiluca blooms in the Arabian Sea, as seen from space. Credit: Norman Kuring/NASA Climate-driven shifts disrupt fisheries, desalination plants; problems may hit other regions. A uniquely resilient organism all but unheard of in the Arabian Sea 20 years ago has been proliferating and spreading at an alarming pace, forming thick, […]

Green algae blooms swirling around the Baltic Sea as seen from space via the Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission. Credit: contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data (2019), processed by ESA, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO Phytoplankton play a crucial role in ocean biology and climate. Understanding the natural processes that influence phytoplankton primary production, […]

A new way of looking at marine evolution over the past 540 million years has shown that levels of biodiversity in our oceans have remained fairly constant, rather than increasing continuously over the last 200 million years, as scientists previously thought. A team led by researchers from the School of […]

A parrotfish feeding on degraded coral. Credit: Shaun Wilson, Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions in Australia, and the University of Western Australia Climate change and warming seas are transforming tropical coral reefs and undoing decades of knowledge about how to protect these delicate and vital ecosystems. Many of the […]

Pancake ice in Andvord Bay, Antarctica. Credit: Maria Stenzel Diminishing sea ice translates to warmer ocean, more rain, and stronger trade winds. Arctic and Antarctic ice loss will account for about one-fifth of the warming that is projected to happen in the tropics, according to a new study led by […]