A new study in Nature Photonics details the unique properties of the UCF-developed laser beam. The speed of a message traveling in these packets is no longer affected by traveling through different materials of different densities. University of Central Florida researchers have developed a new type of laser beam that […]

An artistic impression sharing a secret using structured light. Credit: Wits University Wits Researchers have demonstrated a new quantum approach for sharing a secret amongst many parties, setting a new record for the highest dimensions and parties to date. Researchers at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, […]

ANIMATION Ultrashort laser pulses induce unusual sound waves via a structural instability in a material. RIKEN physicists have initiated unusual sound waves in a flake using ultrashort pulses of laser light and then created videos of their movement using electron microscopy. This advance should help engineers to achieve higher precision […]

The photonic tensor core performs vector-matrix multiplications by utilizing the efficient interaction of light at different wavelengths with multistate photonic phase change memories. Credit: Mario Miscuglio Using photons to create more powerful and power-efficient processing units for more complex machine learning. Machine learning performed by neural networks is a popular […]

Circularly polarized laser light goes through the PCN device and comes out the other side as VUV polarized in the opposite direction. Credit: © 2020 Konishi et al. Spectroscopy is the use of light to analyze physical objects and biological samples. Different kinds of light can provide different kinds of […]

Researchers have demonstrated a novel light-matter interface, realizing the lightest possible mirror formed by a monolayer of 200 atoms. Credit: Max Planck Institute Physicists succeed at engineering an optical mirror made of only a few hundred atoms. It is the lightest one in the world and even imaginable. Physicists at […]

Electrons in the crystal of calcium fluoride; Christian HackenbergerElectrons in the Crystal of Calcium Fluoride. Credit: University of Rostock The researchers used powerful laser flashes to irradiate thin, films of crystalline materials. These laser pulses drove crystal electrons into a fast wiggling motion. As the electrons bounced off with the […]

New ground-breaking research from the University of Surrey could change the way scientists understand and describe lasers – establishing a new relationship between classical and quantum physics. In a comprehensive study published by the journal Progress in Quantum Electronics, a researcher from Surrey, in partnership with a colleague from Karlsruhe Institute […]

Animation Rice University study finds novel type of polarized light-matter interaction. A scientist might want to do cartwheels upon making a discovery, but this time the discovery itself relies on cartwheels. Researchers at Rice University have discovered details about a novel type of polarized light-matter interaction with light that literally […]

Experimental setup to generate a set of stable frequencies in a cryogenically cooled laser microresonator frequency comb. The ring-shaped microresonator, small enough to fit on a microchip, operates at very low laser power and is made from the semiconductor aluminum gallium arsenide. Credit: NIST Just as a meter stick with […]