Researchers have demonstrated a novel light-matter interface, realizing the lightest possible mirror formed by a monolayer of 200 atoms. Credit: Max Planck Institute Physicists succeed at engineering an optical mirror made of only a few hundred atoms. It is the lightest one in the world and even imaginable. Physicists at […]

Electrons in the crystal of calcium fluoride; Christian HackenbergerElectrons in the Crystal of Calcium Fluoride. Credit: University of Rostock The researchers used powerful laser flashes to irradiate thin, films of crystalline materials. These laser pulses drove crystal electrons into a fast wiggling motion. As the electrons bounced off with the […]

New ground-breaking research from the University of Surrey could change the way scientists understand and describe lasers – establishing a new relationship between classical and quantum physics. In a comprehensive study published by the journal Progress in Quantum Electronics, a researcher from Surrey, in partnership with a colleague from Karlsruhe Institute […]

Animation Rice University study finds novel type of polarized light-matter interaction. A scientist might want to do cartwheels upon making a discovery, but this time the discovery itself relies on cartwheels. Researchers at Rice University have discovered details about a novel type of polarized light-matter interaction with light that literally […]

Experimental setup to generate a set of stable frequencies in a cryogenically cooled laser microresonator frequency comb. The ring-shaped microresonator, small enough to fit on a microchip, operates at very low laser power and is made from the semiconductor aluminum gallium arsenide. Credit: NIST Just as a meter stick with […]

Animation An international team of researchers has demonstrated an innovative technique for increasing the intensity of lasers. In a paper that made the cover of the journal Applied Physics Letters, an international team of researchers has demonstrated an innovative technique for increasing the intensity of lasers. This approach, based on the […]

The SpooQy-1 CubeSat contains a miniaturized quantum instrument that creates pairs of photons with the quantum property of entanglement. The entanglement is detected in correlations of the photons’ polarizations. Credit: Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore and NASA Advance poised to enable cost-effective space-based global quantum network for […]

Protons accelerated by laser-plasma interaction in a first target (left) pass through a second target, itself irradiated by another laser beam (middle and framed). The Weibel instability induced there by energetic electrons (blue trajectories) generates magnetic fluctuations that deflect the protons onto a series of sensitive films (right), producing an […]

Ultracold atoms caught in an optical trap form suprisingly complex structures. Dependently on mutual interactions between particles with opposite spins, phases with various properties can be created locally. Credit: IFJ PAN Ultracold atoms trapped in appropriately prepared optical traps can arrange themselves in surprisingly complex, hitherto unobserved structures, according to […]

New soliton laser pulses deliver high energy in a trillionth of a second. By revisiting a simple type of laser, scientists have discovered a way to exponentially increase the amount of energy released in incredibly short periods of time, with potential applications in surgery. Scientists have developed a new type […]