Laser cooled atom cloud viewed through microscope camera. Credit: University of Otago In a first for quantum physics, University of Otago researchers have “held” individual atoms in place and observed previously unseen complex atomic interactions. A myriad of equipment including lasers, mirrors, a vacuum chamber, and microscopes assembled in Otago’s […]

This is an artistic rendering of the terahertz field transmitted by an abstract object. Credit: University of Sussex Terahertz camera uses laser light patterns to ‘see inside’ objects — Terahertz imaging can reveal tiny hidden features of living things. A team of physicists at the University of Sussex has successfully […]

Using femto-second lasers to etch metallic structures, University of Rochester Institute of Optics professor Chunlei Guo and his team have developed a technique that can be used to collect sunlight to heat etched metal surfaces, which can then power an electrical generator for solar power. Credit: J. Adam Fenster/University of […]

Former Rice University graduate student Xinwei Li in 2016 with the terahertz spectrometer he later used to measure entanglement in the conduction electrons flowing through a “strange metal” compound of ytterbium, rhodium and silicon. Credit: Jeff Fitlow/Rice University Study Finds Billions of Quantum Entangled Electrons in ‘Strange Metal’ In a […]

Let there be light — and it was directional: The world’s first electrically powered Yagi-Uda antenna was built at the University of Würzburg’s Department of Physics. Credit: Department of Physics / JMU For the first time, physicists from the University of Würzburg have successfully converted electrical signals into photons and […]