Hollywood made the Dilophosaurus famous, depicting it as almost adorable little creature with a hidden, deadly twist. But a new study shows that it was a lot bigger and more powerful than scientists, or movie makers, previously thought. Credit: Brian Engh, commissioned by The Saint George Dinosaur Discovery Site From […]

An artist’s impression of Mukupirna nambensis living in central Australia that was much greener 25 million years ago. Credit: Peter Schouten / UNSW A giant marsupial that roamed prehistoric Australia 25 million years ago is so different from its wombat cousins that scientists have had to create a new family […]

In 2011, Chilean scientists discovered a mysterious fossil in Antarctica that looked like a deflated football. For nearly a decade, the specimen sat unlabeled and unstudied in the collections of Chile’s National Museum of Natural History, with scientists identifying it only by its sci-fi movie-inspired nickname — “The Thing.” An […]

These giant mounds of fossil stromatolites from about 2.5 billion years ago are located in South Africa. For scale, notice a person’s dangling legs at the top center. These layered minerals were deposited on an ancient coastline by communities of microbes, including photosynthetic bacteria that generated oxygen. The new study […]

Three-dimensional virtual reconstruction of the braincase of the ankylosaur Bissektipelta archibaldi. Bones are semi-transparent and the internal contents of the endocranial cavity are seen. Pink — inner ear, yellow — nerves, red — major arteries, blue — veins and small arteries, light blue — endocranial cast. Credit: Image provided by […]

Antelope in South Africa. Pinnacle Point, a series of archaeological sites that overlook a now submerged section of South Africa’s coastline and one of the world’s most important localities for the study of modern human origins, was as much of an Eden for animals as it was for early humans. […]

In this artist’s depiction of wildlife from Alberta, Canada, 77 million years ago, the tyrannosaur Daspletosaurus hunts a young horned Spinops, while an adult Spinops tries to interfere and a Coronosaurus watches from a distance. Credit: Illustration by Julius Csotonyi Research finds leg length gave giant predatory dinosaurs the advantage […]

An illustration of Calcaivis, an early relative of ostriches and cassowaries that lived 52 million years ago, showing its iridescent feathers. Credit: Velizar Simeonovski Cassowaries are big flightless birds with blue heads and dinosaur-looking feet; they look like emus that time forgot, and they’re objectively terrifying. They’re also, along with […]

Artistic restoration of Deinonychus antirrhopus. Credit: Fred Wierum Turns out, you really can’t believe everything you see in the movies. A new University of Wisconsin Oshkosh analysis of raptor teeth published in the peer-reviewed journal Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology shows that Velociraptors and their kin likely did not hunt in big, coordinated packs like dogs. […]