This new fossil specimen of the worm Utahscolex ratcliffei helped University of Kansas graduate student Anna Whitaker solve a 50-year-old marine-worm mystery. This specimen preserves the everted mouthparts (upper left). The body of the worm is covered of rows of tiny round plates, which were used to redescribe the species. […]

The fossilized leaves belonging to the Welwitschiophyllum plant. Credit: University of Portsmouth A remarkable new treasure has been found by scientists from the University of Portsmouth — the first fossil plant gum on record. The beautiful, amber-like material has been discovered in 110 million-year-old fossilized leaves. University of Portsmouth Ph.D. […]

A group of Russian and German paleontologists have described a previously unknown genus and species of prehistoric salamanders. The new amphibian is named Egoria malashichevi — in honor of Yegor Malashichev a talented scientist and associate professor of the Department of Vertebrate Zoology at St Petersburg University, who passed away […]

This is a life-reconstruction of the 200-million-year-old dinosaur track-maker from Mount Morgan. Credit: Dr. Anthony Romilio The dinosaur in the cupboard under the stairs. The mystery surrounding dinosaur footprints on a cave ceiling in Central Queensland has been solved after more than a half a century. University of Queensland paleontologist […]

Map of North America during the Cenomanian age (96 million years ago) showing the four turtle families newly discovered at the Arlington Archosaur Site (AAS). The AAS fossil assemblage includes a diverse combination of native North American turtle lineages alongside those that migrated from Asia or the Southern hemisphere. One […]

A Northwestern University researcher stands on the Lopez de Bertodano Formation, a well-preserved, fossil-rich area on the west side of Seymour Island in Antarctica. Credit: Northwestern University Fossilized seashells show signs of global warming, ocean acidification leading up to asteroid impact. Shells’ chemistry shifted to respond to influx of carbon […]

Pterosaurs fly over a shallow seaway dotted with reefs and lagoons. Research by an international team of paleontologists is shedding new light on how, and where, these ancient flying reptiles lived. Credit: Illustration by Julius Csotonyi Study describes new group of pterosaurs, identifies crustacean-heavy diet. New research suggests that ancient […]

Hannah’s skull. Credit: Scott Persons. University of Alberta paleontologists uncover spiky skull—and overturn long-standing assumptions in identifying horned dinosaurs. A team of researchers at the University of Alberta has unearthed a well-preserved Styracosaurus skull—and its facial imperfections have implications for how paleontologists identify new species of dinosaurs. The skull was discovered by […]

By creating protocells in hot, alkaline seawater, a University College London-led research team has added to evidence that the origin of life could have been in deep-sea hydrothermal vents rather than shallow pools. Previous experiments had failed to foster the formation of protocells — seen as a key stepping stone […]