Hadrosaur double prints. Credit: Fiorillo et al, 2019 These trackways allow researchers to explore habitat preferences in high-latitude dinosaurs. Abundant dinosaur footprints in Alaska reveal that high-latitude hadrosaurs preferred tidally influenced habitats, according to a study released on October 30, 2019, in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Anthony Fiorillo of the Perot Museum […]

Artist’s reconstruction of two rauisuchians fighting over a desiccated corpse of a mammal-relative in the Triassic of southern Africa. In the background, dinosaurs and mammal-like reptiles form other parts of the ecosystem. Credit: Viktor Radermacher Rauisuchians fed on vegetarian dinosaurs according to Wits student Rick Tolchard. Gigantic, predatory croc-like animals […]

Reconstruction of Mollisonia plenovenatrix, by Joanna Liang. Mollisonia was only about 2.5 cm long. Credit: Illustration by Joanna Liang © Royal Ontario Museum Two paleontologists working on the world-renowned Burgess Shale have revealed a new species, called Mollisonia plenovenatrix, which is now considered to be the oldest chelicerate. This discovery places […]

The species, called Candelarhynchus padillai, is the first fossil ‘lizard fish’ from the Cretaceous period ever found in Colombia and tropical South America. Oksana Vernygora Paleontologists from the University of Alberta have discovered a never-before-seen species of fish in South America, with the help of a curious tourist. The fossil, […]