The researchers created solar modules that were 5×5 cm2 and 10×10 cm2 – much larger than the 1.5 x 1.5 cm2 ones traditionally made in a lab, but smaller than commercial solar panels. Credit: OIST Perovskites are projected to be a game-changer in future solar technology but currently suffer from a short operational […]

The schematic structure of the tandem solar cell stack in 3D. Credit: Eike Koehnen/HZB The current world record tandem solar cell provided stable performance for 300 hours – even without encapsulation. An HZB team has published a report in the journal Science on the development of its current world record […]

Prof. Dr. Peter Müller-Buschbaum (left) and Lennart Reb (right) in the laboratories of the Professorship of Functional Materials at the Technical University of Munich with the payload module “Organic and Hybrid Solar Cells In Space” (OHSCIS) in their hands. Credit: Wei Chen / TUM Almost all satellites are powered by […]

(Upper left) Room temperature Cs electron density from single crystal X-ray diffraction measurements showing significant elongation, a signature of rattling. (Bottom) Cs-I distances for the dominant Cs site CsA and secondary site CsB with (upper right) histogram of distances. Credit: Figure by Daniel Straus The source of thermodynamic instability found […]