Principle and experimental set-up. a, Schematic representation of energy exchange between an unbiased photodiode and a planar surface located in the far-field of the photodiode. b, Schematic description of photonic refrigeration in the near-field. Simultaneous enhancement of photon transport from tunnelling of evanescent waves and suppression of luminescence from a […]

Electrons traveling between two layers of atomically thin material give off tiny bursts of electromagnetic waves in the terahertz spectral range. This glow, shown in red and blue, allowed researchers at SLAC and Stanford to observe and track the electrons’ ultrafast movements. Credit: Greg Stewart/SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Electrons flowing […]

Zoomed-in SEM image showing the air-gaps sandwiched by two channels. Credit: Northwestern University A new method developed by Northwestern Engineering’s Manijeh Razeghi has greatly reduced a type of image distortion caused by the presence of spectral cross-talk between dual-band long-wavelength photodetectors. The work opens the door for a new generation […]

Schematic illustration of coordinated observation using the scientific satellite Arase and PWING, a ground-based observation network. Through detailed observation by the scientific satellite Arase in the magnetosphere and observation of aurorae along geomagnetic field lines from the ground, it is possible to investigate and capture the spatial distribution of generation […]