Remnants of planetary crust disintegrating under the tidal forces around a cool white dwarf. Material in the disc becomes vapourised close to the central star and flows onto the white dwarf atmosphere. Credit: University of Warwick/Mark Garlick Remnants of planets with Earth-like crusts have been discovered in the atmospheres of […]

Solar System distances to scale, showing the newly discovered 2018 AG37, nicknamed “Farfarout,” compared to other known Solar System objects, including the previous record holder 2018 VG18 “Farout,” also found by the same team. Credit: Roberto Molar Candanosa, Scott S. Sheppard from Carnegie Institution for Science, and Brooks Bays from […]

HiRISE camera view of Krupac crater on Mars featuring gullies along the rim and RSL lower down the crater wall. Credit: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona A team of researchers led by SETI Institute Senior Research Scientist Janice Bishop, a member of the SETI Institute NASA Astrobiology Institute (NAI) team, has come up with […]

Weathering of sedimentary rock at Gale Crater likely happened under Iceland-like temperatures more than 3 billion years ago, when water still flowed on Mars. Rice University researchers compared data collected by the Curiosity rover, correlated with conditions at various places on Earth, to make their determination. Credit: NASA Once upon […]

An artist’s conception shows a protoplanetary disk of dust and gas around a young star. New research by Rice University shows that Earth’s nitrogen came from both inner and outer regions of the disk that formed our solar system, contrary to earlier theory. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech Rice-led study shows two distinct […]

The TRAPPIST-1 system has long be studied by exoplanet hunters due to its unique quantity of planets that happen to also be Earth sized. In a recent paper, a team of scientists led by Erik Agol at the University of Washington, dove into more detail on the density of the seven known planets in […]

An artist’s concept of the Juno spacecraft in orbit around Jupiter. Credit: NASA The spacecraft, which has been gathering data on the gas giant since July 2016, will become an explorer of the full Jovian system – Jupiter and its rings and moons. NASA has authorized a mission extension for its Juno spacecraft […]

This artist’s concept shows the planet KOI-5Ab transiting across the face of a sun-like star, which is part of a triple-star system located 1,800 light-years away in the constellation Cygnus. Credit: Caltech/R. Hurt (IPAC) Years after its detection, astronomers have learned that a planet called KOI-5Ab orbits in a triple-star […]

Artist’s conception of a brown dwarf. Credits: NASA/ESA/JPL Planetary scientists wondered if bands of winds or swirling storms dominated the atmospheres of brown dwarfs. University of Arizona-led research has solved the mystery. A University of Arizona-led research team has found bands and stripes on the brown dwarf closest to Earth, […]