In this Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2015, photo, lettuce seedlings rest in a container under a blue light inside a freight container converted into a vegetable garden in Boston. The Boston-based company is repurposing shipping containers as mobile farms. Freight Farms sells 320-square-foot containers equipped with high-tech hydroponic equipment that’s capable […]


Space Zinnias growing inside the International Space Station’s Veggie facility are on the rebound! Credit: NASA/Scott Kelly/@StationCDRKelly Zinnia experimental plants growing aboard the International Space Station (ISS)have staged a dramatic New Year’s comeback from a potential near death experience over the Christmas holidays, when traces of mold were discovered. And […]


Ball-and-stick model of carbon dioxide. Credit: Wikipedia Because plants need carbon dioxide to grow, scientists have expected rising atmospheric CO2 to substantially enhance plant growth, offsetting a portion of human CO2 emissions and, in turn, slowing climate change. However, new research from the Institute on the Environment published today in […]