A microscopic view of spiny pollen from a native wild dandelion species in the southern Rocky Mountains. Credit: University of Missouri University of Missouri researchers discover wildflower’s spiny pollen adapts to help plants reproduce. Have pollen. Must travel. Over 80% of the world’s flowering plants must reproduce in order to […]

Research team from the University of Göttingen investigates the influence of storage on the flavor of ripe tomatoes. There is much debate about the correct storage of tomatoes. There are two main options available to consumers: storage in the refrigerator or at room temperature. A research team from the University […]

MIT chemical engineers have designed a sensor that can be embedded into plant leaves and measure hydrogen peroxide levels, which indicate that damage has occurred. The signal can be sent to a nearby smartphone. Credit: Felice Frankel Carbon nanotubes embedded in leaves detect chemical signals that are produced when a […]

Arabidopsis growing in the Coruzzi Lab at NYU’s Center for Genomics and Systems Biology. Credit: New York University Findings have implications for increasing plant nitrogen use efficiency, reducing reliance on fertilizers. Plant scientists have long known that crop yield is proportional to the dose of nitrogen fertilizer, but the increased […]

A cellular pathway in plants to sense danger signals and elicit a response. Credit: Tokyo University of Science Scientists uncover how oral secretions of the cotton leaf worm trigger defense responses in a plant. In nature, every species must be equipped with a strategy to be able to survive in […]

From left, Graduate Student Gustaf E. Degen, Research Technician Dawn Worrall, and Senior Lecturer Elizabete Carmo-Silva from Lancaster University discovered that swapping just one amino acid creates a better helper enzyme that can trigger photosynthesis more efficiently at higher temperatures in wheat. Credit: RIPE project Researchers working on molecular-level responses […]

In this image of one of the new ancient species’ reproductive structures, elliptical impressions of sporangia can be seen in one row, while on the top, another row displays preserved carbonized spore masses. Credit: Andrew Leslie Researchers have discovered an ancient plant species whose reproductive biology captures the evolution from […]

A microinjection device (red) is attached to a citrus tree, providing a way of injecting pesticide or other materials directly into the plant’s circulatory system. Credit: Courtesy of the researchers Microneedles made of silk-based material can target plant tissues for delivery of micronutrients, hormones, or genes. While the human world […]