Biologist Kenneth M. Olsen tends rice in the Jeanette Goldfarb Plant Growth Facility at Washington University in St. Louis. Credit: Joe Angeles/Washington University A new global study reveals the extent to which high-yielding rice varieties favored in the decades since the “Green Revolution” have a propensity to go feral, turning […]

Assistant Professor Gabriela Schlau-Cohen has observed, for the first time, a mechanism that plants use to protect themselves from sun damage. Credit: Jose-Luis Olivares Study reveals a mechanism that plants can use to dissipate excess sunlight as heat. For plants, sunlight can be a double-edged sword. They need it to […]

A pristine mangrove forest dominated by Rhizophora mucronata at Lampi Island in Tanintharyi region, Myanmar. Credit: Dr Maung Maung Than Mangroves account for only 0.7% of the Earth’s tropical forest area, but they are among the world’s most productive and important ecosystems. They provide a wealth of ecological and socio-economic […]

Typical flowering plants on sand dunes on the Spanish coast. Credit: Mick Hanley, University of Plymouth Coastal plant communities are a crucial element of global sea defences but are increasingly threatened by the human-induced effects of climate change, according to new research. Rising sea levels and the increased frequency and […]

A new study finds that pollination is better in cities than in the countryside. Plants Benefit From More Bees, Especially Bumble Bees Flowering plants are better pollinated in urban than in rural areas. This has now been demonstrated experimentally by a team of scientists led by the German Centre for […]

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) researchers have developed a new nitrate sensor that will provide real-time and continuous measurement in soil to better detect water pollution and measure conditions for higher agricultural productivity. Natural nitrate levels in groundwater are generally very low. However, excess application of fertilizers in agriculture […]