Photons with an energy of 200 teraelectronvolts are most likely emitted by protons colliding with interstellar gas. The primary source of protons is pulsar HAWC J1825-134 (in the orange circle), the role of the actual accelerator is played by the star cluster [BDS2003] 8 (dark blue). Credit: HAWC For years, […]

The Cygnus Cocoon region with the source of photons up to 100 TeV, coinciding with the young Cygnus OB2 cluster of massive stars. Credit: IFJ PAN / HAWC At the heart of Cygnus, one of the most beautiful constellations of the summer sky, beats a source of high-energy cosmic ray […]

Deformation landscape of the nickel-64 nucleus. Prolate, oblate local minima and main spherical minimum are indicated by red, green and blue ellipsoids, respectively. Credit: IFJ PAN Until recently, scientists believed that only very massive nuclei could have excited zero-spin states of increased stability with a significantly deformed shape. Meanwhile, an […]