Algorithmic decision-making has enormous potential to do good. From identifying priority areas for first response after an earthquake hits, to identifying those at risk of COVID-19 within minutes, their application has proven hugely beneficial. But things can go drastically wrong when decisions are trusted to algorithms without ensuring they adhere […]

Reporters visit Iran’s Arak Heavy Water Complex in late 2019.   Ratcheting up its maximum pressure campaign on Iran, the U.S. State Department will no longer waive sanctions against parties redesigning an Iranian heavy water reactor to sharply curtail its generation of plutonium, which can be used to build nuclear […]

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Two months after President Donald Trump took office, U.S. Steel dumped a plume of cancer-causing metal into a Lake Michigan tributary 20 miles away from a Chicago drinking water intake. The company reported another spill of hexavalent chromium six months later, around the same time public […]

Shutterstock As the world tries to cope with the challenges of 2020, discussions around the use of mined resources from outer space continue to ratchet up. On April 6, the US White House released an executive order that Americans should have the right to engage in commercial exploration, recovery, and use of […]

MIT researchers identify security vulnerabilities in voting app. Credit: MIT Mobile voting application could allow hackers to alter individual votes and may pose privacy issues for users. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in using internet and mobile technology to increase access to the voting process. At […]

The proposed Migratory Bird Treaty Act doesn’t have the crucial clause that kept companies from killing vulnerable species. Birds like this could soon be left unprotected James Lee/Unsplash The Trump Administration just laid out their plans to gut one of the most important laws protecting birds in the United States. […]