PA MEDIA The UK’s fixed-term parliaments could see politicians failing to prioritise climate change, veteran naturalist Sir David Attenborough has suggested. He told the first citizens’ assembly on climate having a five-year government leads to a lack of long-term planning. The 110-strong assembly in Birmingham will meet over four weekends […]

A physics-based analysis of U.S. elections finds that the electorate has become more polarized over time, leading to an unstable situation in which very small chages in opinion can lead to wide swings in electoral outcomes. Credit: Christine Daniloff, MIT U.S. elections have become more “unstable,” sometimes swinging in the […]

Today the president can start formally withdrawing from the Paris climate pact. The biggest loser may be the US, some experts say. PHOTOGRAPH: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/GETTY IMAGES When President Trump visited Pittsburgh last month, he complained about how the Paris climate treaty was unfair to the United States. “I withdrew the United States […]