In a new theoretical study, Caltech physicists have shown how molecules can, in theory, be used to reduce errors in quantum computing. This strategy would involve placing a rotating molecule in “superposition,” which means that it would exist in multiple orientations at once. In this illustration, three different molecular orientations […]

Nationwide effort to build quantum networks and usher in new era of communications. Credit: Image by UChicago In a press conference at the University of Chicago, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) unveiled a report that lays out a blueprint strategy for the development of a national quantum internet, bringing the United […]

The SpooQy-1 CubeSat contains a miniaturized quantum instrument that creates pairs of photons with the quantum property of entanglement. The entanglement is detected in correlations of the photons’ polarizations. Credit: Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore and NASA Advance poised to enable cost-effective space-based global quantum network for […]

Broadband enhancement of the on-chip single photon extraction via tilted hyperbolic metamaterials. A quantum emitter is positioned very close to a hyperbolic metamaterial, whose optical axis is tilted with respect to the end facet of nanofiber. Credit: Lian Shen Investigators develop a quantum photonics prototype using hyperbolic metamaterials tilted at […]