The French theoretical physicist Franck Laloë presents a modification of Schrödinger’s famous equation that ensures that all measured states are unique, helping to solve the problem that is neatly encompassed in the Schördinger’s cat paradox. The paradox of Schrödinger’s cat – the feline that is, famously, both alive and dead […]

How Supercomputers Helped Link Quantum Entanglement to Cold Coffee Theoretical physicists from Trinity have found a deep link between one of the most striking features of quantum mechanics – quantum entanglement – and thermalization, which is the process in which something comes into thermal equilibrium with its surroundings. Their results were […]

An article of the IKBFU Director of Institute of Physics, Mathematics and Informational Technology, Artyom Yurov and the Institute’s Associate Professor, Valerian Yurov was recently published in European Physical Journal. The scientists have released their calculations, according to which the Universe may have quantum properties. Artyom Yurov explained: “To begin with, […]

Two different quantum optomechanical systems used to demonstrate novel dynamics in backaction-evading measurements. Left (yellow): silicon nanobeam supporting both an optical and a 5 GHz mechanical mode, operated in a helium-3 cryostat at 4 Kelvin and probed using a laser sent in an optical fiber. Right (purple): microwave superconducting circuit […]

Particle densities related to the decay of the quantum knot (left), which surprised researchers by untying itself after a few microseconds and eventually turning into the spin vortex, (right). Credit: Tuomas Ollikainen/Aalto University After first reporting the existence of quantum knots, Aalto University & Amherst College researchers now report how […]