MIT scientists have cooled a 10-kilogram object to a near standstill, using LIGO’s precise measurements of its 40-kilogram mirrors. Shown here are LIGO optics technicians examining one of LIGO’s mirrors. Credit: Caltech/MIT/LIGO Lab The results open possibilities for studying gravity’s effects on relatively large objects in quantum states. To the […]

Field trial shows simple QKD system works with existing telecommunication network in Italy. In a new study, researchers demonstrate an automated, easy-to-operate quantum key distribution (QKD) system using the fiber network in the city of Padua, Italy. The field test represents an important step toward implementing this highly secure quantum […]

Caltech / MIT / LIGO Lab, Author provided The LIGO gravitational wave observatory in the United States is so sensitive to vibrations it can detect the tiny ripples in space-time called gravitational waves. These waves are caused by colliding black holes and other stellar cataclysms in distant galaxies, and they cause movements […]

Figure: Phase diagram of two-orbital systems. Various metals emerge depending on the values of electron interactions denoted by U (x-axis) and Hund’s coupling J/U (y-axis). Credit: The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) Electrons are ubiquitous among atoms, subatomic tokens of energy that can independently change how a […]

A compound of cerium, ruthenium, and tin — with surprising properties. Credit: TU Wien A research team from TU Wien together with US research institutes came across a surprising form of ‘quantum criticality’; this could lead to a design concept for new materials. In everyday life, phase transitions usually have […]

On the right is a microscope objective used to observe and analyze the light emerging from the resonator. Credit: © Gregor Hübl/Uni Bonn About 10 years ago, researchers at the University of Bonn produced an extreme aggregate photon state, a single “super-photon” made up of many thousands of individual light […]

False-colour scanning electron micrograph of device A (upper panel) and its schematics (lower panel). Side gates and contacts are Cr/Au (10 nm/100 nm). The Al shell thickness is approximately 10 nm. The substrate is p-doped Si, acting as a global back-gate, covered by 285 nm SiO2. The two tunnel-gates are shorted externally, as are […]

Artistic impression of different spacecraft designs considering theoretical shapes of different kinds of “warp bubbles.” Credit: E Lentz Astrophysicist at Göttingen University discovers new theoretical hyper-fast soliton solutions. If travel to distant stars within an individual’s lifetime is going to be possible, a means of faster-than-light propulsion will have to […]

ANIMATION Study by the University of Bonn determines minimum time for complex quantum operations. Even in the world of the smallest particles with their own special rules, things cannot proceed infinitely fast. Physicists at the University of Bonn have now shown what the speed limit is for complex quantum operations. […]