Illustration of fat cells. Nuclear power offers an efficient, reliable way to provide energy to large populations — as long as all goes well. Accidents involving nuclear reactors such as those that took place in 1986 at Chernobyl and at Fukushima Daiichi after the March 2011 tsunami raise major concerns […]

The Martian surface is a radiation hot zone. But these lava tubes might offer safety. Curiosity can handle the harsh radiation on the Martian surface. But people can’t. (Image: © NASA/JPL/MSSS/Marco Di Lorenzo/Ken Kremer) There’s no safe place to camp out on Mars. But a team of researchers has identified […]

Representation of a plutonium dioxide nanoparticle, with the periodic table in the background. Credit: Kristina Kvashnina An international team of scientists, led by the Helmholtz Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR), have found a new compound of plutonium with an unexpected, pentavalent oxidation state, using the ESRF, the European Synchrotron, Grenoble, France. This […]

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Researchers in the UK have developed a new method for evaluating plutonium workers’ historical internal radiation exposure in a study funded by the National Institute for Health Research. They focussed their efforts on workers employed at the start of plutonium operations at the Sellafield (formerly Windscale) […]

Credit: Shutterstock Following the 2011 Fukushima nuclear power plant accident, radioactive waste leaked into surrounding areas and contaminated waters and food. Seven years later, traces of the disaster were found half a world away — in California’s wine. A group of French nuclear physicists tested 18 bottles of California’s rosé and […]


Stephen Palumbi samples a coral for genetic testing in Bikini Atoll. Credit: Stephen Palumbi More than 70 years after the U.S. tested atomic bombs on a ring of sand in the Pacific Ocean called Bikini Atoll, Stanford researchers are studying how long-term radiation exposure there has affected corals that normally […]

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FILE – In this April 13, 2006, file photo, Pete Vavricka conducts an underground train from the entrance of Yucca Mountain in Nevada. Nevada’s congressional delegation is nearly united decrying President Donald Trump’s request for Congress to allocate $120 million to restart the licensing process for a national nuclear waste […]