Reference Article: Facts about Albert Einstein, his life and influence on multiple scientific fields. Portrait of Albert Einstein circa 1939. (Image: © MPI/Getty Images) Albert Einstein is often cited as one of the most influential scientists of the 20th century. His work continues to help astronomers study everything from gravitational […]

An algorithm is just following rules designed either directly or indirectly by a human. Shutterstock/Billion Photos The role of algorithms in our lives is growing rapidly, from simply suggesting online search results or content in our social media feed, to more critical matters like helping doctors determine our cancer risk. But how do we know we […]

Hockey contributes a lot to activity levels compared to other sports. from Teenagers who play organised sport only get seven minutes more physical activity per day, on average, than teenagers who don’t play any sport. Our research, published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, found organised sport […]

GETTY IMAGES Environmental campaign group Extinction Rebellion is staging protests intended to cause “major disruption” in five UK cities. So, who are its supporters and what are they hoping to achieve? What is Extinction Rebellion? Extinction Rebellion (“XR” for short) describes itself as an international “non-violent civil disobedience activist movement”. […]

A pilot project to test the DNA of migrant families at the US-Mexico border raises concerns about the rise of a genetic surveillance state. MARK RALSTON/GETTY IMAGES STARTING AS SOON as next week, the Department of Homeland Security will begin piloting a DNA testing program at the US-Mexico border intended to expose immigrants […]