Fewer people are reading novels for pleasure than in the past. from shutterstock.com Public anxiety about the capacity of digital-age children and young adults to read anything longer than a screen grab has come to feel like moral panic. But there is plenty of evidence to suggest we must take […]

A new catalyst raises hopes for using renewable energy to generate methane, the chief component of natural gas burned for heating and electricity production. MEHMETCAN/SHUTTERSTOCK Researchers have long sought to imitate photosynthesis, harnessing the energy of the Sun to generate chemical fuels. Now, a team has come closer to this […]

Studying evaporation: A mechanical engineer with the McKelvey School of Engineering combined properties similar to those seen in a lotus leaf (above) with those found on rose petals to find a more efficient way for droplets to evaporate from a surface. McKelvey Engineering Mechanical Engineer Creates Bioinspired Evaporation Technique When […]

Weather forecasters fear interference from 5G communications network could interfere with data collected by satellites, such as the orbiter that produced this image. NATIONAL OCEANIC AND ATMOSPHERIC ADMINISTRATION/STAR Delegates at an international conference yesterday approved a standard for electronic noise emitted by 5G, the next-generation wireless communication technology, that will […]

Greater education, lower fertility rates. Credit: Earth Policy Institute A global coalition of 11,000 scientists has come up with a planfor dealing with the climate emergency. Most of these are things scientists have been saying for a while: decarbonise the economy, eliminate pollutants, restore ecosystems and reforest, and reduce meat […]