The newly described python species Messelopython freyi is the world’s oldest known fossil record of a python. Credit: Senckenberg Fossils suggest that the constrictors’ origin lies in Europe. Together with his colleague Hussam Zaher of the University in São Paulo, Senckenberg scientist Krister Smith described the world’s oldest known fossils […]

Life restoration of Elessaurus gondwanoccidens, from the Sanga do Cabral Formation (Lower Triassic), Brazil. Credit: Márcio L. Castro New species named after Tolkien’s Aragorn hints at early southern evolution for these reptiles. A new species of Triassic reptile from Brazil is a close cousin of a mysterious group called tanystropheids, […]

Ferrodraco lentoni, Australia’s newest prehistoric species. Travis R. Tischler, Author provided The most significant pterosaur fossil ever discovered in Australia has been unearthed in the Winton area of central western Queensland. The newly discovered species, which my colleagues and I have named Ferrodraco lentoni, had a wingspan of about 4 metres. It […]

Impression of Megachirella wachtleri walking through the vegetation about 240 million years ago in what is now the Dolomites region of Italy. Davide Bonadonna , Author provided Australia is famous for its many lizards and snakes, but where do they all come from? Published today in Nature, a new analysis of an ancient fossil found […]