DeepMind’s artificial intelligence-powered AlphaStar (green) repels an attack in the virtual world of StarCraft II. DeepMind Artificial intelligence developer DeepMind has just announced its latest milestone: a bot called AlphaStar that plays the popular real-time strategy game StarCraft II at Grandmaster level. This isn’t the first time a bot has outplayed humans […]

Tiny, self-propelled robots could someday be used to clean up radioactive waste. Credit: American Chemical Society According to some experts, nuclear power holds great promise for meeting the world’s growing energy demands without generating greenhouse gases. But scientists need to find a way to remove radioactive isotopes, both from wastewater […]

One modular robotic cube snaps into place with the rest of the M-blocks. Credit: Jason Dorfman/MIT CSAIL Developed at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, robots can self-assemble to form various structures with applications including disaster relief. Swarms of simple, interacting robots have the potential to unlock stealthy abilities […]

One former member of Australia’s government review tribunal has described robo-debt as a form of ‘extortion’. Shutterstock Federal MP Amanda Rishworth raised concerns over the weekend that Australia could be headed for another robo-debt ordeal after the government reportedly confirmed the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) will use data matching to audit childcare […]

Researchers at NASA’s Langley Research Center are developing soft robot actuators from 3D-printed flexible silicone molds to study how “soft robots” can be used for space exploration. Credit: © Gary Banzinger/NASA Think robots are all square corners and rigid metal parts? Think again. Two interns at NASA are part of […]

This Jan. 30, 2018 photo provided by the German Aerospace Center shows the “Cimon” (Crew Interactive MObile companioN) robot during a communications test at the ESA European Astronaut Center in Cologne-Porz, Germany. The round, artificial intelligence robot is part of SpaceX’s latest delivery to the International Space Station. Liftoff is […]