Kay Nietfeld/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images Major advances in the imaging of biomolecules—everything from the needles that bacteria use to attack cells to the structure of Zika virus—have garnered three scientists the 2017 Nobel Prize for Chemistry. The award goes to three pioneers of a technique called cryo-electron microscopy: Jacques Dubochet of the University […]

Room to spare Pixabay Houston is home to over two million people, some 30,000 of which will be left homeless in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. It’s also home to multiple major research institutions, many of which took heavy hits from the storm. Houston scientists study everything from cardiovascular disease to the movements of the planets, […]


GETTY IMAGES PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP’S recent executive order calling for a sweeping review of the H-1B visa program has raised alarm in STEM-related industries that rely heavily on an international supply of high-skilled labor. Current policy for H-1B visas, which permit highly skilled foreigners to work in the US temporarily, […]