Patricia Manuel, pictured on the Halifax waterfront boardwalk. Credit: Danny Abriel For more than two decades, Patricia Manuel has watched the waters rise around her. Whether in Atlantic Canada, the Netherlands, Iceland or along the eastern seaboard, the environmental planner has witnessed the range of damage done by encroaching tides, […]

Rising temperatures in the northern polar cap are driving extreme heat, drought, and sea level rise in the continental US, a study says. PHOTOGRAPH: KATHERINE KERLIN/UC DAVIS As climate delegates discuss the planet’s future at the COP25 meeting in Madrid this week, a new study finds the Arctic is warming much faster […]

Heavy rain on a high tide flooded Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok in 2011 GETTY IMAGES Millions more people will be at risk of coastal flooding from climate-driven sea-level rise later this century. That’s the conclusion of new research conducted by Climate Central, a US-based non-profit news organisation. It finds that […]

Credit: CC0 Public Domain The Marshall Islands, a low-lying chain of atolls and key U.S. ally in the Central Pacific, has declared a national climate crisis because of the mounting risk of sea-level rise, the nation’s president announced this week. The nation’s parliament, the Nitijela, overwhelmingly supported a measure that […]

A closeup of the bulbous stalactitic feature of a phreatic overgrowth on speleothems (POS). Credit: University of New Mexico Scientists discover evidence for past high-level sea rise at current atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. Mallorcan cave yields 4-million-year-old geologic evidence providing new insights into magnitude global sea level rise. An international team of scientists, studying […]