A closeup of the bulbous stalactitic feature of a phreatic overgrowth on speleothems (POS). Credit: University of New Mexico Scientists discover evidence for past high-level sea rise at current atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. Mallorcan cave yields 4-million-year-old geologic evidence providing new insights into magnitude global sea level rise. An international team of scientists, studying […]

The Mackinac Straits are known for their volatile currents. A pilot high-frequency radar project aims to increase understanding of those currents and others in the Great Lakes. Credit: Michigan Technological University As Great Lakes water levels rise to record heights, remotely monitoring currents and waves grows in importance. The currents […]

Credit: Nations Online Project  ENLARGE The 2009, magnitude-8.1 Samoa earthquake dealt a great deal of damage to the Samoan Islands: Tsunami waves as high as 14 meters (46 feet) wiped out multiple villages, claiming nearly 200 lives and severely damaging water and electrical systems. New research reveals the damage is likely to […]

At the beginning of the Quaternary period, glaciers crept down from Greenland to coveThis photo shows a glacier in North Greenland. Credit: Nicolaj Larsen/Shutterstock Greenland’s ice sheet is melting six times faster than it was in the 1980s. And all that meltwater is directly raising sea levels. That’s all according […]