Shutterstock The source code of the Windows XP operating system is now circulating online as a huge 43GB mega-dump. Although the software is nearly two decades old, it’s still used by people, businesses and organisations around the world. This source code leak leaves it open to being scoured for bugs and […]

Paul Haskell-Dowland, Author provided Passwords have been used for thousands of years, as a means of identifying ourselves to others and in more recent times, to computers. It’s a simple concept – a shared piece of information, kept secret between individuals and used to “prove” identity. Passwords in an IT context emerged […]

‘Spooky action at a distance’ helps to encrypt messages. With a quantum internet, data is secure, connections are private and your worries about information being intercepted are a thing of the past. (Image: © Shutterstock) The advent of mass working from home has made many people more aware of the […]

Shutterstock There has been a clash of clans in mobile gaming, with angry birds Apple, Google and Epic Games in a saga over in-app payments. Video game developer Epic’s massively popular “battle royale” game Fortnite was removed from Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store last week. Android players can still […]

Shutterstock The recent questioning of the heads of Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple in the US Congress has highlighted the threat their practices pose to our privacy and democracy. However these big four companies are only part of a vast, sophisticated system of mass surveillance. In this network are thousands of data […]

In the US, tireless opposition to state use of facial recognition algorithms has recently won some victories. Some progressive cities have banned some uses of the technology. Three tech companies have pulled facial recognition products from the market. Democrats have advanced a bill for a moratorium on facial recognition. The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), a leading computer science organisation, has […]

Patrons of the library at the University of California, Berkeley, and at sister campuses will also get access to an additional 1000 Springer Nature journals. BEN CHU/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM The University of California (UC) system today announced it has signed the biggest open-access (OA) deal in North America with one of the […]

BAGUS INDAHONO/EPA People in Western Australia may soon see more than birds in the sky, as the state’s police force has announced plans to deploy drones to enforce social distancing. The drones will visit parks, beaches and cafe strips, ensuring people comply with the most recent round of gathering rules. As COVID-19 restrictions […]