Quantum communication uses light to send crucial information SPL As malicious hackers mount ever more sophisticated attacks, China is about to launch a new, “unhackable” communications network – at least in the sense that any attack on it would be quickly detected. The technology it has turned to is quantum […]

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A cyber-attack that brought down a number of computer networks in Ukraine and Russia on Tuesday, June 27, 2017. (Twitter / mihirmodi) PARIS — A cyber-attack that caused indiscriminate economic damage around the world was apparently designed to create maximum havoc in Russia’s neighbor and adversary Ukraine, security researchers said. […]


REINHARD KRULL/GETTY IMAGES A NUMBER OF voter-data exposures have cropped up this year, in locations as disparate as Mexico, the Philippines, and the state of Georgia. But the one that dwarfs them all came to light on Monday: a publicly accessible database containing personal information for 198 million US voters—possibly […]

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BRUSSELS — European Union foreign ministers have agreed to prepare a joint response to cyberattacks in the 28-nation bloc, including imposing sanctions on offenders. The ministers said in a statement Monday that they would develop a “cyber-diplomacy toolbox” to respond to malicious activities online. They expressed concern at the “increased […]

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Cybersecurity firm FireEye has identified a new group of cyberattackers targeting Canadian organizations. A group of cyberattackers that has been targeting Canadian businesses in financially-motivated hacks since at least 2013 has been identified in a new report. Cybersecurity firm FireEye has dubbed the group of attackers as “FIN10” in a […]

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Those with screen time of more than four hours per day were three-and-a-half times likelier to sleep fewer than five hours at night, a probe found. (Jack Frog / shutterstock.com) You’re tired of fighting with your kids to put the iPad down during dinner or having to skulk around to […]