(Credit: ETAP/Shutterstock) In the last decade, the number of surveillance cameras that watch our city streets has dramatically increased. In most city centers, it’s hard to walk more than a few meters without spotting another camera. We are constantly being watched. But how does the level of surveillance vary from […]

Shutterstock The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has had a significant winagainst Google. The Federal Court found Google misled some Android users about how to disable personal location tracking. Will this decision actually change the behaviour of the big tech companies? The answer will depend on the size of the penalty awarded […]

Shutterstock The source code of the Windows XP operating system is now circulating online as a huge 43GB mega-dump. Although the software is nearly two decades old, it’s still used by people, businesses and organisations around the world. This source code leak leaves it open to being scoured for bugs and […]