ANIMATION In a new realm of materials, PhD student Thanh Nguyen uses neutrons to hunt for exotic properties that could power real-world applications. Thanh Nguyen is in the habit of breaking down barriers. Take languages, for instance: Nguyen, a third-year doctoral candidate in nuclear science and engineering (NSE), wanted “to […]

Next-generation computer chip with two heads EPFL engineers have developed a computer chip that combines two functions — logic operations and data storage — into a single architecture, paving the way to more efficient devices. Their technology is particularly promising for applications relying on artificial intelligence. Credit: EPFL /LANES 2020 […]

Diamond could conduct electricity like metals when it is deformed to strains at the nanoscale, according to predictions from a study by an international team of scientists led by Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA. Using computer simulations, the team, which also […]

Researchers have discovered a way to transform the electronic properties of nanoscale needles of diamond. Credit: MIT News Normally an insulator, diamond becomes a metallic conductor when subjected to large strain in a new theoretical model. Long known as the hardest of all natural materials, diamonds are also exceptional thermal […]

Electrically pumped surface plasmon-polariton nanolaser. Credit: Dmitry Fedyanin Researchers from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and King’s College London cleared the obstacle that had prevented the creation of electrically driven nanolasers for integrated circuits. The approach, reported in a recent paper in Nanophotonics, enables coherent light source design on […]

A phase-locking scheme for plasmonic lasers is developed in which traveling surface-waves longitudinally couple several metallic microcavities in a surface-emitting laser array. Multi-watt emission is demonstrated for single-mode terahertz lasers in which more photons are radiated from the laser array than those absorbed within the array as optical losses. Credit: […]

Animation Scientists create smallest semiconductor laser that works in visible range at room temperature. An international team of researchers led by researchers from ITMO University announced the development of the world’s most compact semiconductor laser that works in the visible range at room temperature. According to the authors of the […]

A sea of private information is only accessible through an unbreakable lock that can only be opened by two fingerprints. Credit: © 2019 Andrea Fratalocchi Chaos could help put cyberhackers out of business with a patterned silicon chip that will be uncrackable even in the future. Confidential data—including credit card […]

A focused laser is used to create thin films of tin dioxide. Credit: © 2020 Nakao et al. A clear semiconductor based on tin could improve solar power generation. Mobility is a key parameter for semiconductor performance and relates to how quickly and easily electrons can move inside a substance. […]