Monash University researchers have developed the world’s most efficient lithium-sulfur battery, capable of powering a smartphone for five continuous days. Prototype cells have been developed in Germany. Further testing in cars and solar grids to take place in Australia in 2020. Researchers have a filed patent on the manufacturing process, […]

A system designed by researchers at MIT and elsewhere enables interconnected smart devices to cooperatively pinpoint their positions in noisy environments where GPS usually fails, which is useful for emerging “localization-of-things” applications. Credit: Christine Daniloff, MIT Connected devices can now share position information, even in noisy, GPS-denied areas. A new […]

UMass Amherst researchers develop powerful new memory-compacting system: Introducing ‘mesh,’ memory-saving plug-in to boost phone and computer performance. Applications like web browsers or smartphone apps often use a lot of memory. To address this, a research group co-led by Emery Berger, a professor of computer science at the University of […]

Both the US and Australia are restricting the activities of Chinese telco Huawei. Roman Pilipey / AAP The United States and Australia are deliberately restricting the place of Chinese telco Huawei in their telecommunications landscapes. We’re told these changes will be worth it from a security point of view. Read […]

Space suits from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey on display at the Stanley Kubrick exhibition in LA. Matthew J. Cotter, Uningdomited K, CC BY-NC-SA Of all the fictional virtual assistants we know from pop culture, few stand up to the original and perhaps most famous: the HAL 9000 from the […]

There are several flow-on effects from the recent Facebook hack. ShutterstShock Facebook announced on Friday that its engineering team had discovered a security issue affecting almost 50 million accounts. Due to a flaw in Facebook’s code, hackers were able to take over an account and use it in the same way you […]

Once it’s up and running, the main change for 5G users will be increased speed and reduced delay. Robin Worrall/Unsplash, CC BY Who will build Australia’s 5G mobile phone network? Not Chinese telecommunications infrastructure company Huawei, which was recently excluded from involvement via a statement from then acting Home Affairs Minister Scott Morrison […]

This “possible carcinogen” isn’t going to give you cancer. Dangerous, but not because it’s going to give you a brain tumor. Deposit Photos The California Department of Public Health recently released guidelines for decreasing one’s exposure to cell phone radiation. This seems, at first, like a reasonable thing to offer. But the […]