Jordan Hamilton. Credit: Canadian Light Source Testing soil samples at the Canadian Light Source has helped a University of Saskatchewan soil scientist understand how tripolyphosphate (TPP), a slow release form of phosphorus fertilizer, works in the soil as a plant nutrient for much longer periods than previously thought. Jordan Hamilton […]

Elham Ghabbour, Principal Research Scientist Department Chemistry & Chemical Biology and Geoffrey Davies, Matthews Distinguished University Professor, work in Hurtig Hall at Northeastern University on Sept. 27, 2017. Credit: Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University Over the past nine years, Northeastern scientists Geoffrey Davies and Elham Ghabbour have been getting their hands dirty, […]


Recent Northern Illinois University graduate Karley Chantos-Davidson (left) and biology professors Nick Barber (center) and Wes Swingley (right) take soil samples at the Nachusa Grasslands preserve. Credit: Northern Illinois University Summer is abloom at Nachusa Grasslands, where the warmth of July is igniting an explosion of color. Purple coneflowers point […]


Cellular sugar boosts nutrient and water retention, as this image unveils the complex interactions in clay soil crevices. Here glucose-captured water molecules (depicted in yellow), coat the mineral surface (light gray). Other water molecules (light blue) mingle with sodium ions (dark blue) and sugar molecules (dark gray). Credit: Aristilde Laboratory […]


At left, Seth Oliver with Leah Santangelo, right, both hydrogeology UMass Amherst graduates, taking water level measurements at a till site in Blandford, Mass., for a recent study of natural groundwater storage reservoirs in New England by hydrologist David Boutt at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. For the first time, […]


This region of the Arctic has undergone substantial warming in recent decades. Credit: James Bradley A team of researchers from the University of Bristol have recently shown that ecosystems created by melting glaciers in the Arctic are sensitive to climate change and human activity. Melting ice is exposing vast landscapes […]