New roll-to-roll production method could enable lightweight, flexible solar devices and a new generation of display screens. A new way of making large sheets of high-quality, atomically thin graphenecould lead to ultra-lightweight, flexible solar cells, and to new classes of light-emitting devices and other thin-film electronics. The new manufacturing process, which […]

Researchers developed a technique that uses a scanning tunneling microscope integrated with lasers and other optical components to trap appropriate molecules and measure the energy distribution of hot electrons in a thin gold film. Credit: Illustration by Enrique Sahagún Highly energetic, “hot” electrons have the potential to help solar panels […]

This graphical abstract summarizes how this work performs a comprehensive techno-economic analysis worldwide for photovoltaic systems using a combination of bifacial modules and single- and dual-axis trackers. The researchers found that single-axis trackers with bifacial modules achieve the lowest LCOE in the majority of locations (16% reduction on average). Yield […]

A focused laser is used to create thin films of tin dioxide. Credit: © 2020 Nakao et al. A clear semiconductor based on tin could improve solar power generation. Mobility is a key parameter for semiconductor performance and relates to how quickly and easily electrons can move inside a substance. […]

Professor Jongmin Choi, Department of Energy Science & Engineering, DGIST. Credit: DGIST Successful development of photovoltaic commercialization technology with improved quantum dot efficiency. The cause for efficiency degradation in an actual operating environment has been identified, with proposal of material processing method for improving performance stability Expected to significantly contribute […]