Despite humanity’s current struggle against the novel coronavirus, and despite it taking up most of our attention, other threats still exist. The very real threat of a possible asteroid strike on Earth in the future is taking a backseat for now, but it’s still there. Though an asteroid strike seems […]

Artistic rendition of a piece of the Mundrabilla meteorite over a protoplanetary nebula; Mundrabilla over Galaxy 4. Image courtesy of James Wampler, UC San Diego (Lens flare from:; Galactic disc from L. Calcada/ESO:; Chunk of Mundrabilla, image by James Wampler) Scientists at UC San Diego and Brookhaven […]

A colorful view of Mercury produced from images taken by the MESSENGER spacecraft (Image: © NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie Institution of Washington) It’s possible that Mercury once held the ingredients for life. In 1974, NASA’s Mariner 10 probe flew by Mercury and observed a cracked, cratered landscape. Now, according to […]

New simulation-based study on sleeping cataclysmic binaries supports contested 35-year-old predictions, shows that observable novae are just “tip of the iceberg.” Almost 35 years ago, scientists made the then-radical proposal that colossal hydrogen bombs called novae go through a very long-term life cycle after erupting, fading to obscurity for hundreds […]

According to classical theories, these space giants would not have had the time to develop in the young Universe. Yet, observations say they were already present. A new study by SISSA proposes a response to the fascinating question. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech These space giants would not have had the time to […]