Lighter colors represent higher elevation in this image of Jezero Crater on Mars, the landing site for NASA’s Mars 2020 mission. The oval indicates the landing ellipse, where the rover will be touching down on Mars. Credit: NASA Scientists with NASA’s Mars 2020 rover have discovered what may be one of the […]

Researchers are designing a stingray-shaped spacecraft to explore the dark side of Venus (Image: © CRASH Lab, University at Buffalo) Could a stingray-shaped spacecraft get to the dark side of Venus by flapping its wings? Researchers at the University of Buffalo (UB) are designing a spacecraft shaped like a stingray […]

Illustration of Lunar IceCube in orbit. Credit: Morehead State University As we venture forward to the Moon and establish a sustained lunar presence, finding and understanding water on the lunar surface becomes increasingly important. Lunar water is largely in the form of, but not necessarily limited to, water ice. Astronauts […]

A composite photograph of the near-Earth asteroid 101955 Bennu as seen from the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft. Astronomers have recently concluded in two cases that pairs of NEOs are physically (“genetically”) related, having broken apart from the same parent asteroids less than ten thousand years ago. Credit: NASA/OSIRIS-REx Near Earth Objects (NEOs) […]