Stars identified in the research have formed “shell structures” in the aftermath of a radial merger occurring 3-billion years ago. Credit: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Evidence of broadside collision with dwarf galaxy discovered in Milky Way. Nearly 3 billion years ago, a dwarf galaxy plunged into the center of the Milky Way […]

Betelgeuse illustration. Credit: NASA, ESA, and E. Wheatley (STScI) It may be another 100,000 years until the giant red star Betelgeuse dies in a fiery explosion, according to a new study by an international team of researchers. The study, led by Dr. Meridith Joyce from The Australian National University(ANU), not only […]

A panoramic view of the nearby Alpha Persei star cluster and its corona. The member stars in the corona are invisible. These are only revealed thanks to the combination of precise measurements with the ESA Gaia satellite and innovative machine learning tools. Credit: © Stefan Meingast, made with Gaia Sky […]

WPI mathematical physicist Mayer Humi has been studying the solar system for decades. Credit: Worcester Polytechnic Institute/Matthew Burgos Using a limited set of mathematical equations, Worcester Polytechnic Institute mathematical sciences professor Mayer Humi said he has confirmed a 224-year-old math conjecture about the origins of our solar system, providing insights […]

An IRAC infrared image of a filament of young star-forming cores, with the intensity of the dense gas emission overlaid in contours. New submillimeter observations have mapped the magnetic field structures in three of the massive cores along the filament, and found that although the fields do not dominate the […]

ANIMATION A mystery surrounding the space around our solar system is unfolding thanks to evidence of supernovae found in deep-sea sediments. Professor Anton Wallner, a nuclear physicist at ANU, led the study which shows the Earth has been traveling for the last 33,000 years through a cloud of faintly radioactive […]

The star-forming nebula W51 is one of the largest “star factories” in the Milky Way galaxy. Interstellar dust blocks the visible light emitted by the region, but it is revealed by NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, which captures infrared light that can penetrate dust clouds. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech The most massive stars […]

Figure 1. The process of solar flare production in the physics-based prediction method. A: Electric currents flow along magnetic field lines across the magnetic polarity inversion line on the solar surface, where the magnetic field changes its polarity. B: Magnetic field lines are reconnected and form a double-arc loop that […]

The KunLun Differential Image Motion Monitors atop the 8-meter high tower at Dome A, Antarctica. Credit: Zhaohui Shang Dome A, the highest ice dome on the Antarctic Plateau, could offer the clearest view on Earth of the stars at night, according to new research by an international team from China, […]

New observations by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope suggest that the unexpected dimming of the supergiant star Betelgeuse was most likely caused by an immense amount of hot material that was ejected into space, forming a dust cloud that blocked starlight coming from the star’s surface. This artist’s impression was […]